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About Us

Our Mission & Values

Capital M Lending is committed to providing ethical, honest and straightforward advice to our clients. Our financial professionals have the utmost integrity. They have the ethics, core values, and experience that meet Capital M Lending’s strict requirements.

Because we deeply respect our customers and value the work we do, we make it a policy to hire and do business with colleagues who offer this same respect to their own clients.

Capital M Lending cares about the welfare of the world and gives back to the community that supports our own success through charitable giving and social involvement

Our Team

Aaron and Michael are not alone, our team is spectacular! We have gathered a group of fun, knowledgeable and committed professionals to help us help you. Over the years our team has grown and evolved. Together, we’ve become one of Oregon’s most trusted mortgage sources.

Why Choose Us

Because you want the best. When you work with us, you get some of the most reliable, responsible, and competitive mortgage services available anywhere.

Because we know mortgage lending. We stay current and have up to the minute knowledge of the constantly evolving mortgage marketplace.

Because we are experienced. We are some of Portland’s savviest, most conscientious loan professionals. And we back up everything we say.

Because we care. It’s our mission to help you fund practical and profitable real-estate investments. And we’d like to see your dreams come true along the way.