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Three Ways To Apply

We can help you with a wide variety of loan options which include: FHA, VA and USDA loans, Fixed and adjustable-rate loans, Renovation loans, Jumbo loans, Manufactured home loans, Condos, and more!

1: Call us

We like to talk - it’s a great way to get a running start and get quick answers. We are friendly and available, give us a call anytime!

(503) 445-9525

2: Email us

We know sometimes you just don’t have time for a call. Send us your request and we’ll get right back to you so we can get started.

3: Apply Now

Want to get a jump start on your own? We’ve got you covered with a great link right here to take the first steps. We will partner with you to review your application at a time that is convenient for you.

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Our Mortgage Process

STEP 1: Apply and Gather Financial Information

1. With a brief initial conversation, we’ll get you preliminary qualification answers and mortgage options to review.

2. We’ll get you a short, customized list of the documents we will collect for approval.

STEP 2: Get Pre-Approved—this is the key step to success!

1. We’ll get your loan through initial underwriting for the strongest possible offer.

2. Preapproval is stronger than prequalification, and makes your offer more compelling to the seller.

STEP 3: Offer Accepted

1. You can lock your interest rate in.

2. You’ll get updated mortgage disclosures specific to the home you are purchasing.

STEP 4: Appraise and Verify Property

1. We’ll order and coordinate your appraisal.

STEP 5: Loan Processing & Underwriting

1. We’ll compile your full financial file for final underwriting review.

2. We’ll fill in any “gaps” (updated bank statements, paystubs, etc).

3. We’ll review your final underwriting approval and dot any remaining i’s.

STEP 3: Closing and Funding

1. Your final loan documents will be prepared and you’ll sign them at the escrow company. You will bring in your down payment at the same time.

2. The lender funds will arrive the day of closing and be combined with your down payment and the new deed will record. You’ll own your own home!

Do’s and Don’ts

We are here to guide you every step of the way but you have the power to assist in creating a smooth path for your loan to process! Here are the important Do’s and Don’ts Guidelines to make that happen:


Have the ability to access your financial information:

1. Bank Statements

2. W-2s (or Tax Returns if self-employed)

3. Paystubs

4. Mortgage statements

5. Investment statements

6. Retirement and Social Security statements

7. Current government-issued ID such as a driver’s license or passport

Have the ability to provide:

1. Closing Statement for any current home(s) you may own.

2. Documentation for any significant sales (car/boat/home….just ask!)

Be able to notify your Loan Officer that you have:

1. Earnest money from your own account

2. Any money that is being given to you as a gift for closing

3. Had any change in current employment; This would mean: Working remotely, Receiving a raise, Receiving a change of position or demotion, Taken leave (FMLA, for example), paid or unpaid


Listed below are key pieces to avoid in order to keep your loan process running smoothly:

1. Don’t make any major purchases: Furniture, automobiles, substantial gifts for others…if you have ay questions at all, as your Loan Officer, they are happy to clarify for you!

2. Don’t change jobs or your employer

3. Don’t schedule time off (paid OR unpaid)

4. Don’t make cash advances

5. Don’t open up new lines of credit or take out loans

6. Don’t open up new credit cards

7. Don’t open new bank accounts or transfer funds between accounts

8. Don’t alter any of your documentation in any way

9. Don’t change your legal name

10. Don’t deposit any money outside of your payroll into your account(s)

Why Choose Us

Because you want the best. When you work with us, you get some of the most reliable, responsible, and competitive mortgage services available anywhere.

Because we know mortgage lending. We stay current and have up to the minute knowledge of the constantly evolving mortgage marketplace.

Because we are experienced. We are some of Portland’s savviest, most conscientious loan professionals. And we back up everything we say.

Because we care. It’s our mission to help you fund practical and profitable real-estate investments. And we’d like to see your dreams come true along the way.